Last updateSat, 13 May 2017 2am
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Adult Hockey Tournament Rules

  • No checking.
  • Absolutely no fighting, any fighting penalty may result in suspension from the remainder of the tournament and or future IHE events.
  • Only approved hockey helmets may be worn, face mask are not required but recommended. (The Jofa 235 model is not permitted)
  • Touch up off sides rule will be used.
  • Two line passes are permitted.
  • Slap shots are permitted.
  • No time outs are permitted during round robin games (a one minute time out is permitted in the finals).
  • Games will be 13 minute stop time periods, if the goal differential exceeds six in the third period the clock will go to running time. If the team that is trailing brings the score back within three goals the clock will go back to stop time.
  • If the “final” game ends in a tie, a five minute 4 on 4 will be played. If the game remains tied a three player shoot out will determine the winner. All skaters must shoot once before a player can shoot a second time.
  • Teams will receive two points for win, one point for a tie, and O points for a loss. Games that end in a tie during round robin play will remain a tie.
  • All players must be registered and paid in full prior to stepping on the ice.
The IHE management team will review all major penalties, match penalties, game and gross misconducts. The management has the right to suspend guilty players in addition to the suspension already mandated by USA Hockey. All game misconducts will result in a minimum of a one game suspension

Two tied teams
  1. Head to head between tied teams
  2. Wins
  3. Goal differential
  4. Goals against
  5. Fewest penalty minutes
  6. Coin Flip
Three tied teams*
  1. Record in games against other tied teams
  2. Wins
  3. Goal differential against other tied teams
  4. Goals against other tied teams
  5. Fewest penalty minutes
  6. Coin Flip

* If one of the tie breakers eliminates one team then the two remaining teams will have the tie breaker using the two team format.

Maximum goal differential for any game is six goals.
In determining goals scored, any game in which more than 8 goals are scored, will count only as 8 goals scored.

In determining goal differential, any game won by more than a 6 goal margin, will count only as a 6 goal win.