Last updateSat, 13 May 2017 2am
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International Hockey Events Youth Ice Hockey Tournament Rules

  1. USA Hockey rules will apply except as noted herein.
  2. Any major fighting penalty may result in an automatic suspension from the tournament. Gross or Match penalties will result in automatic suspension from the tournament.
  3. All players participating in an IHE youth tournament must wear protective gear that meets the requirements of USA Hockey. Pee Wee level and above must wear colored mouth pieces.
  4. Scoring format:   2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, O points for a loss. 
  5. All divisions will have three 15 minute stop time periods. 
  6. No time out permitted in any round robin games. One time out per team, per game, in semi final and final games.
  7. All round robin games ending in tie will remain a tie. Any semi final or Championship game ending in a tie will play 4 on 4 for five minutes (running time). If the game is still tied, a 3 player shootout will decide the game. If still tied, the format will switch to single player sudden death. No player may shoot twice until all skaters have shot once.
  8. Tie Breakers

A. Head to head play between two teams. If three or more teams are tied go to C, but if one of the teams has beaten every team it is tied with, that team will advance to the next  available seed. With three or more teams tied, the tournament is trying to identidy the lowest seed to eliminate first.

B. Most wins

C. Goal differential/ Maximum of 8 (between tied teams three or more tied teams, games between tied teams only)

D. Most goals scored

E. Least goals against

F. Least penalty minutes

G. Quickest goal in any game

H. Coin flip

 9. When the score differential is five goals or greater any time after the conclusion of the second period the clock will go to running time. The clock will not go back to stop time unless the score differential gets back to two goals.

10. No players may play below the level they are currently playing in during the 2017-2018 season (e.g. AAA cannot play in a AA division)

11.The rules committee reserves the right to modify a rule herein which is deemed not in the best interest of the tournament. All committee decisions are final.

All divisions will advance the top four seeds to the semi finals.

The tournament director reserves the right to adjust the consolation game time schedule, opponents and rink location to accommodate traveling teams and avoid games against the same opponents.